Tue, 12/09/2014 - 20:02 | Bastidas Architecture | Blog

It is grown all over the world because it is a particularly hardy plant however Lavender is actually native to the Mediterranean region. Lavandula augustifolia is the variety with the most pungent fragrance, a species that needs to grow in full sunlight and appreciates well-drained soils.The selection of crops and species forms part of any landscape design and its integration into the architectural project demands plans and drawings that remain faithful to the preservation of the natural surroundings.

We have also enriched our natural environment with symbols and cultural concepts. This is especially so with the world of flowers, which accrues different meanings and even social status, yet has never forgotten the power of its medicinal properties. Thus, lavender, civilisation after civilisation, has delighted its users with beneficial cosmetic delights. It has also been used for embalming, the ritual which preserves the identity of the individual in the hereafter.

The lavender flower represents purity and silence and delivers a message of peace and devotion. In the photograph illustrating our post today, the colour purple – to which folk culture attributes emininity and regality -, sweetens the air of recently harvested wheat fields. If architecture is able to preserve our identity as a people, then we simply cannot leave the choice of landscaping to chance.